Kenya Bound!

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness

Mark Twain
My name is Zahara!

Have you ever been tempted to see Africa for yourself, if so, this is your chance!  Come visit our kids first hand and experience the joy of being involved in the life of a very needy young person.

Many people have expressed a desire to travel to Kenya to help the kids but were unsure how to go about it.  Those who have traveled to Kenya with us in the past have all acknowledged the beauty in sharing their life with someone on the other side of the Earth. 

The amazing thing is, for every sacrifice you will make to travel to Kenya, you will be showered with infinitely more in return.  Money is not able to fill your heart with joy like that of an aged grandmother who cries while hugging you and thanking you profusely for caring enough about her to come visit her in her hut. Or the child that just wants to sit in your lap and stroke your hands. Or the HIV positive parent that knows they will not be around much longer but now has the comfort that someone who used to be a stranger to them cares about their child.

The Neighbor Kwa Jirani Foundation is an American non profit foundation whose Kenyan operations are headquartered in Riosiri which is located near Rongo and approximately 25 miles from Lake Victoria in the Southwest corner of Kenya and approximately 40 miles from the Tanzania border. If you have Google Earth, you can see exactly where we are located by going to Rongo, Kenya and then navigating over to Riosiri.

The Neighbor Kwa Jirani Foundation believes very strongly in the power to change lives, ours and theirs, by making available the opportunity for those who want these kinds of human experiences.  Consider joining us on one of our trips to Kenya in the future.  Our Treasurer, Mike Wood (contractor) and his wife Cheryl (primary school teacher) travel to Kenya for 1 month every year from the first week in June to the first week in July.

Want to learn more?
The United States Embassy in Kenya is located in the capital of Nairobi.  For lots of information about Kenya you can visit the US Embassy in Nairobi website by clicking US Embassy in Nairob. Visit the Center for Disease Control’s website, travel section, for a list of routine Kenyan travel vaccinations.

Visit the Kenyan Consulate’s website to apply for a Kenyan tourist visa online. Be prepared to upload documents and pictures such as a passport size photo, passport bio-data page and travel itinerary.  The site will charge the $50 for the visa and about $3 more for processing. You will receive your visa in about 3 business days. If you need some help on how to create your own passport size photo that will upload to the Kenyan visa site, click on this excellent article from CNET.

Also, check out the Transportation and Lodging pages on this website. If you ae interested in doing a safari while in Kenya we can point you in the right direction with that as well!