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Freedom For Girls

Helping girls stay in school by providing sanitary towels

Neighbor Kwa Jirani Foundation has partnered with HEART (HEART is a American Christian humanitarian organization working in Kenya) to provide a yearly supply of sanitary towels for disadvantaged Kenyan school girls in the community of Riosiri, Kenya.

Through the Freedom for Girls Project, girls are provided with a year’s supply of sanitary napkins and four pairs of undergarments. They also receive hygiene education that includes: the menstrual cycle, personal hygiene, HIV prevention education and a demonstration of how to use the sanitary towels and dispose of them properly.

Including the shipping from Nairobi to Riosiri, each year’s supply of sanitary napkins only costs $7 per girl. That’s right, $7 for an entire 12 month supply per girl.

Below is a video of HEART’s founder and CEO, Vickie Winkler, explaining the program.

The Freedom For Girls program is running in several East African countries as the need is tremendous throughout Africa
Riosiri’s Girls are Thankful for the Freedom For Girl’s Program

This young 7th grade school girl’s message, to all of the donors who made the Freedom for Girls program a reality at her school, was recorded in July 2016.  It is a continuing example of how school girls in this community feel about the help people they don’t even know have given to them.  The school’s Head Teacher, Esther Tom, said it shows how thankful they all are for the love and support the Freedom For Girls program has brought to her primary school girls. 

This is a 7th grade girl from Mosache Primary School located in Riosiri, Migori County, Kenya,

Please help us to make this program available to as many needy girls as possible by donating $7 today.